Jeff Collins Ministry

This month we are highlighting the ministry of Jeff and Millicent Collins. Jeff and Milicent served in many facets of local church ministry and short term missions before pastoring and planting churches in Texas. They resigned the pastorate to obey the call of God to, "like Abraham and Sarah, go out not knowing where." God has been faithful to lead them throughout the nations. Having been in over fifty countries, their predominant focus at this time is Europe and the Middle East. Parts of Asia, Africa, North and South America, as well as the islands of the seas are also calling. Please join us in prayer and partnership with Jeff and Millicent Collins.


David and Rachel Diroll

This month we are highlighting the ministry of David and Rachel Diroll. The Diroll’s are currently serving at the ministry school in Cyprus where they work mainly with the second year students. They lead these students with daily worship, prayer and deep intimacy with one another where they focus on safety and vulnerability. David and Rachel serve at the school and are apart of ministry trips to Israel, Ethiopia and other countries in the region. They have a heavy influence on many young people’s lives and commit their lives to saying yes to God and serving where He has called them. Please join us in prayer and partnership with David and Rachel Diroll.


Remi and Sara

This month we are highlighting the ministry of Remi and Sara. They have been in leadership at the ministry school in Cyprus that develops young leaders through a tight-knit family circled around vulnerability and intimacy with their brothers and sisters in Christ. The students and leaders put a heavy focus on time in prayer and worship, as well as service and developing character. Remi and Sara travel all throughout the world for ministry, including numerous churches here in the US. Remi is from France and Sara is from Atlanta, GA. They have 4 young children and they are based out of Cyprus throughout the year. During their yearly ministry, they travel throughout Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa. Please join us in prayer and partnership with Remi and Sara.


Derrick and Jackie

This month we are highlighting the ministry of Derrick and Jackie. The Meier’s are currently serving in Southeast Asia working with refugees and developing relationships in the community for business influence. Derrick and Jackie plan on starting a business that will allow them to provide a service in the land, develop relationships with key people in the area and provide opportunity for teams to come and serve in their ministry. Derrick and Jackie now have 3 children and need to be covered in prayers for their health and constant adjustment to the society. Derrick and Jackie work and minister to refugees and Muslims on a daily basis, please join us in prayer and partnership with Derrick and Jackie Meier.


David and Rhonda Cramer

This month we are highlighting the ministry of David and Rhonda Cramer. The Cramer’s are currently serving in Rwanda Africa and have been traveling throughout the area leading services and raising up men and women to lead. They have been apart of many church plants and have increased their network all over the country. The lead crusades for children and adults and speak in churches all throughout their network. They are heavily involved with the people of Rwanda and lead local outreaches along with the Rwandans in order to share the love of Jesus and spread the Gospel. Please join us in prayer and partnership with David and Rhonda Cramer.


H.I.S. Ministries- Malawi Orphanage and Pakistan School

This month we are highlighting the ministry of H.I.S. Ministries. Dr. Kathy Walk is one of our own here at ALCC and is the founder of Hope International Services. Dr. Kathy has an orphanage in Malawi and a school in Pakistan. Dr. Kathy has traveled to Africa and led crusades and healing services with thousands of people in attendance. Her organization provides basic needs to the people of Malawi and Pakistan alike, with food, water, shelter and clothing. The orphanage in Malawi houses children whose parents have died from AIDs, starvation and war. HIS serves many young and hurting children in Malawi and Pakistan and look to continue growing their reach. Please join us in prayer and partnership with H.I.S.


Collage Center

This month we are highlighting the ministry of Collage. Collage is a local non-profit organization that offers all services free of charge. Our focus is on serving women and men in difficult situations with support and care. Collage is a group that is committed to caring for the individual and providing a safe, comfortable place to find the help needed! From pregnancy services to STD testing, Collage offers free and confidential assistance to those struggling. Collage also offers sex education to the youth in our community, as well as counseling for families dealing with the stresses of life circumstances. Please join us in prayer and partnership with Collage.


Jacob and Katie

Currently, they are located in Southeast Asia and are ministering on college campuses. Jake and Kate spend time learning the culture and educating themselves, and spend the rest of their time with college students. They lead small groups and outreaches and share the gospel with all the students searching for hope. They recently had a little girl and are adjusting to life with a child, but their passion for the young adults in Southeast Asia has continued to grow as they are serving out their call by ministering to and loving on college aged students. Please join us in prayer and partnership with Jacob and Katie.


Mitch and Dani Stroda

Mitch Stroda is the founder of Revival Revolution, a Christian global outreach ministry. His passion is to bring people into an encounter with Jesus Christ, who is the answer to the deepest longings of their heart. He has over 30 years of ministry experience as a pastor, teacher, and prophetic minister. Dani travels and ministers with Mitch, and has also authored her own devotional “Journey Through the Door”. The Stroda’s are based in Kearney, NE and are heavily involved with Grace Fellowship Church. They travel all over the world, ministering in churches, to pastors and those hungry for more of Jesus. Please join us in prayer and partnership with Mitch and Dani Stroda.


Zach and Traci Glaser

Zach and Traci are currently serving at Green Pastures Church in Ballymena Northern Ireland. They are beginning their second year of ministry at the church and have had an active role in worship and outreaches for the church. Zach has been working with soldiers in the area dealing with PTSD and has begun developing a program of support with the government for these soldiers. Zach is apart of planning “Sonshine Week” through Green Pastures where the entire church goes out and serves the community for an entire week through service, events, games, teaching and projects. ALCC will be taking a team to participate in this weeklong event in August of 2018. Please join us in prayer and partnership with Zach and Traci Glaser.


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