My Vision For Youth

City wide transformation

At Echo our vision is simple, to introduce as many students to Jesus as we can. Our passion is to see the lost be found and there is no greater reward than to see a youth make the decision to surrender their life to Christ. We are determined to create a safe atmosphere every week where students can be themselves and know that they are loved and accepted for who they are. 


What Are We About

We are his. we are his love. we are his echo.

At Echo we love to have fun! Whether its a funny opening video, to a game where someone could eat something pretty disgusting, to breaking down into small groups, to spending time with God in worship we enjoy all of it! One thing we try very hard to do is make students feel as comfortable as possible when they first come in. We believe its very important to make a positive connection with the students before they trust us enough to be challenged by our sermons and lessons.  We want to see the youth of Grand Island unlock their full potential in Christ and to flat out be stand out students in their daily lives!


I Want To Invite You

I believe in you

I want to personally invite you to come check out Echo on any given Wednesday from 7pm to 8:30pm. Each student that attends our youth group is a part of our "Echo family". I would love it if you would come and see if you fit in with us. And to be honest if you don't think we are the right fit for you, we will be bummed but we will accept that. We understand that not every student is going to feel at home with us but I will encourage every student to find where they can connect. I know several other youth pastors in this city and they are great people with great groups as well. We aren't in this to have the biggest youth group we are in this to see every student come to Jesus. So if we can be that place for you that's awesome! And if you connect better with another group that's awesome too! The key is that you are connected somewhere! (Hopefully at Echo!)


Become A Youth Leader

You can help shape the world.

We are always looking for help! We have a great group of passionate leaders who hang out with the students every Wednesday, but as we grow as a group we need more leaders! If you are interested in seeing students realize their potential, stepping into their identity, and living for Jesus then please contact me (Corey Schneckloth) on Facebook! And before you say "I'm too old" "I can't connect with this generation" "What's a YOLO?" You need to know that these students don't need someone who is cool or up with the times, they need someone who will care about them and their future. And God isn't looking for the most qualified people, He's looking for people who will say yes and trust Him!!! Pray about it please! The youth of this city need you!


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